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Monrovia Agro Foods has the distinction of being  the first company in the world to launch a fully automated Jhatka / Non Halal (Instantaneous strike/ A bird or animal killed by a single strike of blade ) plant. In this process the bird/animal would be instantaneous severing of the head of an animal with a single stroke of a knife/blade,with the underlying intention of killing the animal whilst causing it minimal suffering. We will ensure that the birds/animals would be treated humanely and stunned before slaughter. Our products  have been certified as Jhatka /Non Halal (single stroke) & FORT (Free Of Rituals & Torture) by the Live Value Foundation, Delhi and are incidentally the first company in the country to be conferred with this certification.

Set in a sprawling land mass of over 55 acres in Bhandgaon, Pune, our automated plant will initially start off with the slaughter of Chicken and Goat, wherein the resultant meat would be sold mostly in frozen form. Our conveyorized plant has  the capacity to produce 10,000 whole dressed chickens per day. 

Our Team

Our management team comprises of senior people hand picked from the meat and processing industry. 

Our Strategy

We plan to make frozen processed raw meat as well as value added ready to eat products like sausages, salamis, ham, kebabs, tikkas, nuggets, burger patties, etc, which have a ready market in our country. There is a huge unsatiated demand for chicken and meat in our country.


Mr Jitender Singh Sethi is the Promoter of “Punjab Maratha”. It his aim to promote the highest quality of food products.

Our Plant, Certifications…

The factory is currently operating from a shed of  over  30,000 sq. ft. , is equipped with the latest machineries and equipment both from Europe(Spain and Germany) and India. The set up  includes a 120 MT of cold storage with another 200 MT cold storage being constructed.

Our equipments comprise of Blast freezers, state of the art processing machines, Rendering Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, R.O.plant etc. We have also set up a modern and automated microbiological laboratory for testing. We follow extremely stringent methods of testing leading to an excellent quality control thereby leading to unadulterated and hygienic products.

The factory is in compliance of, Food Safety Standardisation Authority of India (FSSAI), Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) & Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Maharashtra (India). We are an ISO 22000  and HACCP certified plant. We are also registered and approved  by the Army Supply Corps ( Army Head-Quarters, New Delhi) for supplying to the defence force all over India.

Our products  have been certified as Jhatka / Non Halal (Single Stroke) & FORT (Free Of Rituals & Tortures) by the Live Value Foundation, Delhi and are incidentally the first company in the country to be conferred with this certification.

Expansion and Diversifaction Plans

We will be  expanding to get into other meats like pork, emuetc. inthe near future.  We also plan to cater to the vegetarian population by getting  into  ready to eat products. We are also in the process of constructing over 200000 sq.ft. of  warehouses/cold storages. Also on the anvil are setting up of sorting and grading packaging lines for imported & domestic food products.